Luova kaikissa medioissa
Creative in all mediums
Muotia, automerkkejä ja palvelumarkkinointia
Fashion, car brands and service marketing
Pitkä kokemus teknisten tuotteiden parissa
Extensive experience with technical products
Kaikki verkkosisällöt
All types of online content
Verkkosivustojen suunnittelu ja toteutus
Web design and web development
Vahva visuaalinen suunnittelu ja vikkelä tuotanto
Strong visual design and nimble production
Laadukas kuvatuotanto
High-quality image production
Tiukat deadlinet ja kustannustehokkuus hallinnassa
Strict deadlines and cost efficiency under control
Kampanjat ja materiaalit kaikkin kanaviin: printti, digi, audio-video
Campaigns and materials for all channels: print, digital, audio-video
Search engine optimization
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Energetic full-service agency

Brandit is a small and flexible advertising agency with straightforward and fast service and a long experience in the design and implementation of marketing solutions. We serve companies all around Finland from our offices in Helsinki. In addition to the metropolitan area we have clients in Kotka, Joensuu and Turku among others. Modern speedy transmission of data and videoconferencing solutions eliminate the distances, the limits and limitations of a smooth running service. We offer a wide selection of expertise for your product or service ranging from traditional print to revolutionary digital advertising.

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Our territory

Our special strength is b-2-b- marketing, and the marketing communications of services and technical products. We are proud to say that our designers as well as the agency itself have exceptionally broad and extensive expertise in automotive advertising. Sure, we've had the pleasure of designing the advertising for fashion brands and other consumer products. We don't confine ourselves or our expertise - marketing communications' laws apply in all product areas. The most important thing is that our clients are succesful.

Your products and services' channel to Europe

Nexxus is a European network of independent advertising agencies whose main purpose is both to share know-how and valuable marketing experience among the member agencies and also open a channel to the European market for your products / services.

The Nexxus network is comprised of central European countries that are historically important trading partners for Finnish companies. We offer you ready-made contacts in the country of interest to you and we can provide a comprehensive market analysis of the competitive situation on the local market.

Explore the Nexxus network further on the international website.

Quick, pleasant and flexible service, in time

We operate as our customers’ strategic and tactical partner and, if necessary, an active member of the client ‘s marketing team. You may also outsource marketing operations to us. Our services include annual marketing and promotional plans, the launch and development concepts for brands of goods and services, marketing to repeat customers, strategic and tactical media / direct mail, as well as tactical sales promotion campaigns.

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Solutions from banners to web sites.

We offer solid expertise on the implementation of digital products. We're available for consultation and to help you to choose the best strategy for the digital communications of your business. We design turnkey solutions from banners and web sites to large multi-level online campaigns.

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Aino Acktén tie 8
tel. +358 400 504 705
Business ID: 1049165-9

CEO Esa Rantanen
+358 400 504 705

Mainostoimisto 4 F Oy:
Kivivaarantie 1, 81970 Jongunjoki

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    Esa Rantanen

    +358 400 504 705

    Esa Rantanen
    Esa Rantanen
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    Nina Rantanen
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    Arttu Mannila
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