Laakkonen Education Path / Tuu messiin! flyer

Laakkonen offers on-the-job training and summer jobs with 8 car brands, both for students and teachers. These include spare parts sales, maintenance, a garage and a paint shop.

In March 2022, we ran a campaign to introduce the traineeships to new recruits. We produced 4-page folded A4 brochures to be distributed to educational institutions, summarising what Laakkonen offers as employer in the fields of service, repair, paint and spare parts. This work sample is a version made for Stadin AO to illustrate the automotive branding of Laakkonen’s branches in the metropolitan area. It is also important to explain the best aspects of the group for future employees in as readable and light a format as possible.

The brochure is illustrated with photographs of real situations in the branches. Laakkonen’s graphic elements are blue-red-grey like the logo. To enliven the text, a lot of clean-lined vector graphics are used. The brochure used the same font proportions, colours, spatial usage and graphic elements by Brandit that are repeated in other materials, including campaign roll-ups and video materials.